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RFBio Co., Ltd., is a trading and distribution company that specializes in a wide range of beauty and healthcare products including medical devices and cosmetics.
Our main products are HA Dermal Fillers (SARDENYA and YOUTHFILL) and they are currently distributed globally to over 25 countries through indirect exports.

In the near future, we intend to diversify our product line to include a wider range of fillers and skin care devices. Thank you for your interest in and support for IDO as we work to meet our customers’ desires for health and beauty.

About our Manufacturer/Factory: RFBio

RFBio Co., Ltd., is the sole and exclusive global distributor/seller authorized to promote, negotiate, tender, sell, and exhibit SARDENYA and YOUTHFILL Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers. RFBio Co., Ltd., is responsible for all sales and after-sale services on behalf of Co., Ltd., the sole factory in the world that produces SARDENYA and YOUTHFILL fillers.