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  • What kind of treatment is “PURIPIEL”?
    It involves the injection of a human friendly aqua base solution which is finer than the pores and penetrates deeply to maximize the activation of the immune system in the skin and perform real deep cleansing without irritation. The treatment is pain-free and safe and can be performed without anesthesia.
  • What is the post-treatment care?
    No special care is needed except basic moisture management and sunscreen.
  • How is the pain during the treatment?
    It is a pain-free and safe treatment that anyone can get without anesthesia.
  • How long does the treatment take?
    It takes about 10 to 15 minutes per time.
  • What is the treatment cycle?
    The high-quality treatment stimulates the immune system in the face, so it is recommended one to two times every four weeks.
  • Are there any problems in daily life after the treatment?
    There will be no problems in your daily life after the treatment, either with make-up or washing up.
  • Is treatment possible on areas other than the face?
    Treatment is possible not only for the face, but also the scalp.